The Red Route

The Red Route

Russia has many unique sites related to Soviet history and the life of Soviet leaders that receive an enormous amount of interest from tourists. Trips along the red route are most popular among middle-aged and older people who grew up in an atmosphere of close friendship between China and the USSR. They were brought up on Soviet books, listened to Soviet music, studied Russian at school. For many of them, a trip through Lenin's places is not just a holiday, but also the embodiment of a cherished dream to get to know V. Lenin's homeland, to be immersed in the Soviet state history, so close to the Chinese people, and to learn more about the milestones of the Chinese and Soviet people revolutionary struggle.

In Russia, the term «red route» is more applicable to visiting Lenin's places connected to the key events of the life of the revolutionary leader. The classic red route includes Ulyanovsk — Kazan — St. Petersburg - Moscow - Leningrad region

In Leningrad Region the sightseeing of the REd Route are the Yalkala Museum (Vyborgsky District), Il'ichevo Village and the Museum House of Lenin (Vyborg district, the city of Vyborg).

Route itineary:

1st day

09.00-09.30 - Meeting at the Oktyabrskaya Hotel (St. Petersburg, Ligovsky Ave, 10).
09.30 - Departure from the city of St. Petersburg in the village Tarhovka.
10.40-12.00 - Excursion with a visit of the museum "Shalash" (St. Petersburg, Tarkhovka village Road to Shalash Lenin, 3, letter A).

12.00-13.00 - Transfer to the village of Ilyichevo.
13.00-14.30 - Excursion with a visit to the Historical and Ethnographic Museum "Yalkala" (Leningrad Region, Vyborg District, Ilichevo).

On the territory of the museum "Yalkala" is the house of the Finnish family Parviainen, concealing Lenin from the persecution of the Provisional Government in the summer of 1917 under the name of Konstantin Petrovich Ivanov. The house is preserved in its original form: a dairy room, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom of Lenin.
Behind the house there is the "Lenin's Road". It is the road he was brought to the farm Parviainen and this road he went to Lake Krasavitsa (based on the stories of the children of the Parviainen family).

Near the house there is an exposition pavilion with stands "The Last Underground of Lenin" and "Lenin's Places on the Karelian Isthmus", telling about the life of Lenin in the period of his stay on the farm of the Parviainen family. The exposition stand "The Last Underground of Lenin" presents the original edition of the book by Lenin "The State and the Revolution."

On the territory of the museum there are preserved stones, on which Lenin created the first pages of the work "The State and the Revolution." Not far from the museum, in the village of Ilyichevo, during the Soviet era, a monument to Lenin was erected.

14.30-15.30 - Lunch at the restaurant of the recreation center "Illichevo" (Leningrad region, Vyborg district, Ilyichevo settlement).
15.30-16.45 - Transfer to the city of Vyborg.
16.45 - Accommodation at the hotel - The hotel complex "Friendship" (Vyborg, Zheleznodorozhnaya street, house 5.).
18.00 - Dinner. Restaurant "Round Tower", Vyborg, Market Square, 1
Free time.

2nd day

09.00-10.00 - Breakfast at the hotel.
10.00-12.30 - A thematic excursion around the city of Vyborg with a visit to the Museum House of Lenin (Vyborg, Rubenezhnaya street, 15).

A small wooden house built at the end of the XIX century, in which in September-October 1917 the leader of the Bolshevik Party Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was hiding from the persecution of the Provisional Government, hence he went to Petrograd "to make a revolution."
The house belonged to the Finnish working family of Haykonenov-Latukka, who gave Lenin his room. Now this room - Lenin's personal office - is a memorial - here are the original things of the "Leninist" period. The furnishing of the room was also recreated.

In the second half of the house there is an exposition devoted to the revolution and activities of Lenin in Vyborg.

On the facade of the house a memorial plaque is strengthened. In the yard there is a bust of Lenin (VI Khmara, 1974)

12.30-15.00 - Transfer to the city of St. Petersburg.
15.00 - Arrival in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Ligovsky Ave, 10).