Holy places and churches

Holy places and churches

The spiritual heritage of the Leningrad Region is represented by a variety of ancient monasteries, temples, holy springs and places of pilgrimage. The most revered shrines of orthodox culture: the Tikhvin Monastery of Our Lady of Assumption, Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky Monastery, Staroladozhsky Holy Assumption Monastery, Staroladozhsky Nikolsky Monastery, The Ojatsky Monastery, the Monastery of the Intercession and the Anthony-Dymsky Monastery; Holy Trinity Zelenets Monastery, Konevsky Nativity-Theotokos Monastery.

On the territory of the Podporozhsky district monuments of wooden architecture have survived, which stand on the sites of their construction from the 15th to 19th centuries. On the shore of Yukovsky Lake in Rodionovo village stands the oldest wooden church in the Leningrad region - the Church of St. George the Victorious, built in 1493.

The route "The Spiritual Triangle of Lodeinopolskiy District" unites three existing Orthodox monasteries located on the territory of the Lodeinopolsky District. Two of them, with a 500-year history - Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky male and Vvedeno-Oyatsky female, the third - Pokrovo-Terevenichesky female - one of the youngest active monasteries.

Orthodox monasteries of Old Ladoga and Tikhvin are united in the route "On holy places from Ladoga to Tikhvin": Staroladozhsky Holy Assumption Monastery; Staroladozhsky Nikolsky Monastery, which contains especially revered shrines - a particle of relics and the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker; Tikhvin Bogorodichny Assumption Monastery is the guardian of one of the greatest shrines of the Christian world - the Tikhvin Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God.

Religious objects in the Leningrad Region preserve a unique history, connected not only with miraculous phenomena, but also with the history of Russia.

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