Culinary experiences

Culinary experiences

Today, gastronomic tourism is an incredibly trendy hobby; travelers go on a journey to try traditional dishes and local products, in a word, to learn people's cuisine, part of their culture.

Gastronomic holidays and festivals are regularly held in the Leningrad region. To taste the region we invite you to join one of the festivals below.

Annual Maslenica festivities are held in every district of the region. During the festivities in the shopping arcade you can warm yourself with hot tea, treat yourself to pancakes with traditional delicacies. During the festivities, competitions are held for the most original pancake, for the biggest pancake, for the highest pile of pancakes.

Traditionally, the Vepsian holiday "Cheese Day" (Boksitogorsky district) is held in July. According to the legends of this land, the Mother of God once protected village cattle from the case. Since then, on this day, local residents are serving a moleben with the obligatory blessing of dairy products. In the program of the holiday: festive consecration of dairy products, performance of Veps folklore groups, games, competitions and tasting of dairy products.

Special interest among travelers in our region is caused by festivals dedicated to a certain product.

So every year the festival of folk culture "Russian Tea" (Podporozhsky district) is held. The holiday is dedicated to the traditional Russian tea - Ivan-Chai. Festive cuisine will be pleased with fresh pastries, traditional drinks - kvass, honey sbit and Ivan-tea of ​​a new crop. On the master class on Russian tea, you can learn how to make real tea from it, and also a master class for cooking and baking unleavened rye bread from whole-grain flour.

The regional festival "White mushroom" (Lodeinopolskiy district) gathers mushroom pickers from around the world. Guests of the festival can get acquainted with the exhibition of culinary products "Mushroom Fantasy", taste mushroom dishes, as well as learn new recipes for cooking mushrooms. For city dwellers and visitors of the city there are competitions "The best mushroom picker", "The biggest mushroom", "The biggest harvest", and then the winners are awarded "Mushroom Oscar". At the festival you can buy fresh, canned and dried mushrooms, as well as berries.

A new delicious tradition of the Leningrad region was the gastronomic festival - "Together there is! It is tasty to live!", Passing in the city of Vyborg. The festival unites the traditions of medieval, Scandinavian and Russian cuisine. Culinary show, tasting sets and master classes, "Christmas corner" for children with gingerbread painting is just a small part of the festive events.

To taste the gastronomic peculiarities of the region we invite you for themed tour - "Russian cuisine: from the royal chambers to the peasant hut". A special feature of the tour is a visit to the famous estate of the region and walks through the ancient park lanes, the opportunity to touch the sacrament of the monastic meal in the Chereminets monastery, plunge into the simplicity of the peasant way of life and taste different kinds of honey. Also for the participants of the tour there are various interactive events that will allow both to cook and taste the whole variety of traditional Russian dishes.